1. About Cookies on

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that (with your consent) we place on your computer. We use cookies to allow us to identify you from other users visiting our website. Blocking or restricting cookies may affect the full function of our website.

Types of cookies:

Session - this type only lasts for the duration you are on the website.

Persistent - this type of cookie stays on your computer and remembers your settings the next time you come back e.g. rsfp cookie (see list below).

First Party - these cookies are cookies set by us. This includes all the cookies in section 2. below.

Third Party - Third-party cookies are cookies from other websites. See section 3. below.

You can manage or block the cookies set by The Nomad Ultra, or indeed any other website should you want to do so. You can do this through your browser settings using the Help function within your browser. Even if you have consented to cookies you can withdraw your initial consent in the same way at any time. Otherwise you can visit for comprehensive information on how to manage or block cookies on a variety of browsers. If you want to manage or block cookies on the browser of your mobile phone you may need to refer to the manual of your handset.
Please be aware that restricting or blocking cookies may impact on the functionality of our website and you may not get the experience intended. Further useful information to inform your choices is supplied by the Internet Advertising Bureau via their AdChoices programme.

2. Cookies We Set

This is a list of the cookies set by The nomad Ultra and what each is used for. All our cookies are persisent.

cookie name : purpose

BIGipServerZebedee : Used by our hosts to spread your page requests across all their servers.

TSXXXXXXXX : Used by our hosts to spread your page requests across all their servers.

rsfc : Used to disable the cookie policy notice once you've accpeted it.

3. Cookies Others Set

Currently The Nomad Ultra does not use any third party cookies.